Star Wars Death Star toaster

Current Price: $66.14

The Star Wars Death Star Toaster may not be able to annihilate an entire planet, but it’ll brand your bready snacks with the iconic Star Wars logo. Take that, rebel scum.

Sick of people taking the mickey out of your thermal vents? Make a feature of them! With the Star Wars Death Star Toaster, you can terrorise the galaxy to the gleeful munch-munch-munch of your favourite bready snacks.

Styled on the galaxy’s most iconic WMD (circa Episodes IV-VI), this delightful kitchen gadget brands your bread with the Star Wars logo. Pure geek bait, this unusual toaster is sure to snare rogue movie fans with its awesome detailing and toasty aroma tractor beam. That’s no moon…

Star Wars Death Star Toaster




Current Price: $66.14

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