Star Wars BB-8 kitchen timer from Think Geek

Current Price: $19.99

Star Wars droids R2-D2 and BB-8 are the constant companions to the saga’s heroes and heroines. They can convey secret and galaxy-altering messages. They can repair other damaged droids. They can serve as trusty co-pilots. They alert their masters to danger and hold maps to secret far-off planets.

Now you can have a trusty and constant companion like BB-8 at home with you with the Star Wars BB-8 Kitchen Timer with lights and sounds. Just set the time you want and press the power button. As each minute ticks by, BB-8’s photoreceptor will light up. When the timer goes off and your food is ready, BB-8 lets you know by making sounds similar to those heard in the movie. You will want to find more things in life to time!

Star Wars BB-8 Kitchen Timer


ivoi_star_wars_bb8_kitchen_timer ivoi_star_wars_bb8_kitchen_timer_inuse

Current Price: $19.99

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