Sleeping Beauty Collection Dooney & Bourke – 60th Anniversary

"Sleeping Beauty" Dooney & Bourke
Current Price: $229 - $298

No, you’re not dreaming! Disney Princess fans and Dooney & Bourke collectors, there’s another Disney Dooney collection coming your way. The newest “Sleeping Beauty” Dooney & Bourke collaboration with Disney honors the 60th anniversary of the theatrical release of the “Sleeping Beauty” animated film.

The collection includes three accessories: a large tote, a satchel, and a crossbody bag. Each bag features new artist renditions of Princess Aurora and her three fairy godmothers, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Each bag also has a commemorative leather tag attached to the strap that honors the 60th anniversary of the film and even says the familiar “Dream Big Princess” tagline on the back.

Sleeping Beauty Tote – $298

Sleeping Beauty Tote by Dooney & Bourke

Sleeping Beauty Satchel – $298 

Sleeping Beauty Satchel by Dooney & Bourke

Sleeping Beauty Crossbody – $228

Sleeping Beauty Crossbody by Dooney & Bourke

We love the unique designs featured on the accessories in this collection. The two smaller handbags in the collection (the satchel and the foldover) each showcase the three fairy godmothers and are absolutely gorgeous with their colorful design. We definitely think there isn’t enough “Sleeping Beauty” merchandise featuring Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, so we’re so happy that these handbags honor the stars of the original animated classic. The foldover bag is the perfect accessory to take into the theme parks or on a dinner date in Disney Springs. And the satchel would make a great bag for work, travel, or everyday use.

The large tote in the collection is absolutely stunning in its design. Princess Aurora is front and center in her bright pink dress, and she is surrounded by bright pink roses in honor of her name. The large tote is a great size for a carry on, and even Mary Poppins would be proud to see just how much can fit inside. No matter where you go with these three accessories, you’re sure to turn heads.

What do you think of the new Dooney & Bourke Disney collection featuring Princess Aurora?

Current Price: $229 - $298

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