Review: “Frozen” Disney books – Anna’s Act of Love/Elsa’s Icy Magic, Elsa’s Gift, Sing-Along Storybook

What child doesn’t love the great storytelling out of a Disney book? Here we take a look at some Disney books featuring the hit Disney movie Frozen. We have a nice mix of both great books for reading and for some playtime fun!

Frozen: Anna’s Act of Love/Elsa’s Icy Magic


Lets start with the book that features two Frozen tales in one book, Anna’s Act of love/Elsa’s Icy Magic. One side of the book is from Anna’s perspective and is named Anna’s Act of Love and then if you turn the book around you have the story from Elsa’s perspective in Elsa’s Icy Magic. This full-color storybook is based on the film Frozen and follows the same storyline as in the movie.

Included in the book is a collection of 50 Frozen stickers.

In the middle of the book our favorite sisters finally reunite.

This book is an easy and simple read with the main focus being on the pictures instead of the text. The storyline will be very familiar to most readers as it sticks pretty much word for word to the original movie and there are no real surprises. Because of the very simplistic story I wouldn’t recommend this book to children older than 7 as it may come across way too boring for them. And though the idea of having the story being told from two different perspectives, the two stories are way too similar to create any extra interest. As an adult I can really appreciate the illustrations in this book as they are very abstract and “artsy” but younger children may find that Anna and Elsa looks a little bit weird. Though the addition of 50 stickers will probably distract any child quickly from the weird looking art.

Frozen: Elsa’s Gift.


With stunning art and a new unique story, Disney brings you Frozen: Elsa’s Gift, an oversized board book.

This story plays out after the movie has ended and Elsa’s powers are under control. Arendelle’s gates are once again open and Anna and Elsa are hosting a winter ball. To show her appreciation for Anna rescuing both her and Arendelle, Elsa wants to give her an amazing gift. In her effort to create the perfect gift for Anna, Elsa enlists both Kristoff and Olaf to help her out.

If you are getting a little tired of reading the same story that you saw in the movie then this book is for you. This is a new original story with a great message of both sisterhood and friendship. This book is more suitable for older children, around 8-10, as the story is way more detailed. It has a nice combination of both a large chunks of text and pictures and it takes quite a while to get thru the story. The story itself is quite lovely, showing us that friendship and family matters more than material things, something I’m sure most parents would love to teach their children. Personally, I love the illustrations in this book, they are both detailed and colorful, and would gladly frame them and hang them on my wall as artwork.

As a board book you can quite clearly see this is meant for children to use and read and it seems quite sturdy and will hold up to some rough treatment. It also makes it easy for children themselves to turn pages.

Of the four books I reviewed here, this is my favorite. The combination of great artwork and a new original story makes this book hard to beat.

As an added bonus you will receive the Frozen Storybook mobile app where you can do some more reading, watch clips from the film, make puzzles, or even draw your own icy frozen art. Unfortunately, like many apps now days, this only work for Apple products. You would think to reach out to a larger audience they would offer an app that would work on all mobile devices.

Frozen Sing-Along Storybook


This is a deluxe picture book featuring a full retelling of the movie Frozen, plus lyrics to your favorite songs. Creating books consisting of the already famous storyline from the movie Frozen seems to be a popular thing to do but this book does add something extra.

Yes, welcome back to another retelling of the story from the movie but I bet you have never seen it retold with such visually stunning pictures accompanying it. This is one of the bigger Frozen books I have seen, at 128 pages, but mostly because of the many great images and not because of the text. This is mainly a visual book and doesn’t focus that much on the story itself, with just a couple of sentences on each page. The book jumps quite a bit in the story and if your child is not familiar with the movie it could be quite confusing. Luckily, the amazing illustrations will probably distract any child and adult from the glaring storyline issues, it is very stunning.

The book comes with a CD that contains the instrumental tracks of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”, “For the First Time in Forever” and “Let It Go”. The lyrics to those songs can be found at the end of the book.

So as you can see in the title of this book it is called the Frozen Sing-Along Storybook. This title is kind of misleading as you may believe that the book mostly would focus on the songs or at least have them in the story somewhere. Instead what makes this a “sing-along” is the included CD with the instrumental songs and the last couple of pages of the book that consist of the lyrics to the songs. This gives your child the opportunity to have their own little karaoke moment but not much else. The sing-along portion of the book is completely separate from the storybook portion, which doesn’t mean that both portions aren’t good just not maybe what you expected when you bought the book. I also question how well most children who this book is aimed at, would do at trying to sing-along to only instrumental version of the songs. Some tracks with accompanying voices would have been good.

In essence, come for the gorgeous artwork and good storyline, not for the tons of singing fun.

Frozen Hide and Hug Olaf: A Fun Family Experience


This cute little Frozen box may have been the hit of the holiday season but I’m here to tell you that it’s just as good anytime of year. Hide and Hug Olaf box comes with a brand-new story about our favorite snowman Olaf, plus an adorable Olaf plush.

The point of Hide and Hug Olaf is for you to follow the hide-and-seek theme of the story and then hide the little plush Olaf toy. This is a great combination of both a book and a fun activity that will surely delight any child and some parents too!

The book is of course made for younger children but with the cute Olaf plush inside I’m sure more than just children will want to have this Hide and Hug Olaf set. The box and plush toy themselves makes for some quite nice collectibles.

The story itself is incredibly simple, so don’t expect too much here, this set is mostly for some playtime fun not for hours spent reading. The storyline is easy to understand so even younger children will be able to follow along. The illustrations, again like most of the Frozen books, are very detailed and beautiful.

Even though this set takes its inspiration from the ‘Elf on a shelf’ game don’t expect it to be exactly like it. The story doesn’t offer any teaching moments and have no connection to Christmas. The theme is more focused on fun time playing and winter, Olaf is after all a snowman, therefore making it a great addition to your Disney collection year round.

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