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Childhood monsters that hid under your bed are back in haunting “Among the Sleep” game for PS4

Current Price: $19.99

Reignite your childhood fears as you experience terror through the eyes of a two year in “Among the Sleep.”

Haunting and inventive at the same time, this PS4 first person video game will have you hugging your teddy bear for safety.

“Among the Sleep” pitches players into the dead of night.  Perspective is everything and surroundings seem larger than life.  Chilling sounds ratchet up the creep factor as you timidly traverse the terrifying terrain. With only your teddy bear for protection, it is up to you to avoid the monsters and navigate the dark house.



This award winning video game was originally released in 2014 for PC.  The PS4 port is now available on Amazon.  Additional downloadable content (DLC) is also available.  Still experienced from the toddler’s terrified perspective, gameplay in the DLC is set prior to events in “Among the Sleep.”


Current Price: $19.99

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