Purple, 2016 and more new MagicBands coming soon to Walt Disney World

Different colored and designed MagicBands are all the rage at Walt Disney World right now and soon we will see even more options being added to the collection.

Purple is one of the most requested colors for the solid colored MagicBands and has in the recent past just been available at the D-Tech MagicBand location but late this December it will be available at most retail locations.


On January 2016 two new MagicBand celebrating 2016 will also be released.


Below you can see some other recent MagicBand arrivals and also some new MagicBand accessories.



At the MagicBand D-Tech location at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. in Magic Kingdom two new custom designs has also arrived featuring an E-Ticket and Orange Bird.


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