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Pandora Poster Pins: First “Avatar Land” merchandise now available at Walt Disney World

Pin collectors, rejoice! A new limited edition pin set just debuted straight from the mystical land of Pandora.

This time the collection features the travel posters for the new land that is soon to open in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Pandora — The World of Avatar.

The pins are the first bit of merchandise to be released as part of the “countdown collection”–a collection put together to help build anticipation for the land’s opening and help guests connect with the experience.

Erin Herbst, merchandiser for Disney Pins, explains:

With the addition of this new land to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we wanted a way to continue the excitement leading up to the grand opening. This countdown pin collection features the beautiful travel posters created by Alpha Centauri Expeditions, the exclusive provider of tours to Pandora. We thought guests would love collecting these posters as they prepare to journey to another world.

A new pin is scheduled for release every month from now until May when Pandora debuts. The first pin–one that portrays a family walking through a bioluminescent forest–has been released today.

Pandora Pins

The second pin, which pictures floating mountains over the heads of visitors, releases on April 6. And the final pin, portraying a family walking through the wonder of Pandora, will release on May 4. All of the pins have an edition size of 1,250 and will be available for purchase at Discovery Trading Company.

There are two other pins that complete the set; however, those pins will only be available in the boxed set that releases on Pandora’s opening day, May 27. The “completer pins” will be a bit more challenging to get ahold of since the edition size is limited to 250 and they will only be available in the park.

In case you didn’t pick up on it, the travel posters that inspired the collection have been up for some time on the construction walls that block passageway to Pandora in Animal Kingdom.

Pandora Construction Walls

Works of beauty that they are, we are still very excited that those walls coming down soon! C’mon May 27!

Source: Disney

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