New VANS x Disney collection to be released June 5th

In an exciting collaboration VANS and Disney has decided to team up yet again for a new collection. Featuring some of our favorite Disney characters the collection will include not just shoes but also men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. Kids will also get their own little collection of cute shoes.

Now the most thrilling part of this collection is that their won’t just be Mickey and Minnie shoes but also Disney Princess and Disney Villains shoes. Exclusively together with the retailer Journeys,VANS will release Disney shoes that you will only be able to find at their store.

Most of the collection will go on sale June 5th and select styles in July.

Visit VANS and Joruneys for more information.


  1. Missy

    How about some Disney Vans for adults, too? Would love to have some!

    1. Ann T

      These are mostly adult sizes. With a few pairs for kids.

    2. Sherri

      Ummm they are for adults. You can re-read if you don’t believe in the magic of words. 😉

  2. Chena

    No nightmare before christmas styles?? Those would be amazing!!

  3. Beatriz Horta

    gostaria de saber se os tĂȘnis tem tamanhos para adultos calço 38/39. Se tiver nessa numeração, gostaria de saber tambĂ©m como comprar e o valor.
    Bia Horta

  4. juli mourning

    Love these, would like to see Nightmate before Xmas and Peter Pan with Tink and Hook

  5. Jean Rowley

    I went to my local store today and bought a bunch of the Little Mermaid stuff. Lots of styles for all ages, including backpacks, socks, shirts and shoes.

  6. Kat Wood

    I want tink!! please

  7. Natthawat

    Where can i shop in Japan?? Please answer me ^^

  8. afqh

    When will it be release in Singapore?

  9. stephanir

    Can someone please tell me where I can get the villiaanesses ones in adult size! !!

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