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New “Star Wars” soundtrack collection brings glorious John Williams scores to vinyl

Current Price: $119.99

John Williams’ epic score to George Lucas’ epic space saga has finally arrived on vinyl in a stellar boxed set: the Star Wars Ultimate Vinyl Collection, offered by Think Geek.

The entire first two “Star Wars” trilogies are now again available in the Star Wars Ultimate Vinyl Collection; a true collector’s prize from a “more civilized age.”

Along time ago in galaxy not so far away turntables were the most popular way to transport the ears and enjoy symphonic stereo selections like John Williams’ “Star Wars” scores.  Now that thrill has returned as all six scores from “Phantom Menace” to “Return of the Jedi” have been pressed into vinyl in this ultimate record collection.

Packaged with recreations of the original art work and bi-fold jackets that heralded these iconic films, Star Wars the Ultimate Vinyl Collection delivers a box set of six soundtracks, 11 discs (all but “Return of the Jedi” have two discs each) and a bonus digital download of all eleven albums.  More than 80 tracks in total are included.

“Original compositions can make or break a movie. Fortunately for us, we were blessed with these gems from John Williams. A movie score so good, you can replay the movie in your head associated with each song. You hear that Cantina Band start playing and you know Obi-Wan is about to slice an arm off. The amount of limbs lost in the series is also pretty iconic, actually – just not as iconic as the actual songs.” –Think Geek


Current Price: $119.99

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