New Star Wars R2-D2 talking cookie jar from Think Geek

Current Price: $29.99

Okay, “talking” may not exactly be the right adjective to describe what this R2-D2 cookie jar does. But we can’t put “Beep-Booping Cookie Jar” in the product title! Really. We asked. We were overruled on that one. And on “Bzzrt-Whrrling Cookie Jar,” “Whrrrrt-Wooooing Cookie Jar,” “Whistle-Weeting Cookie Jar,” “Woop-Woot-Wooting Cookie Jar,” and then finally the copywriting monkeys were thrown out of the New Product Meeting altogether for “excessive R2-D2 sound imitations and not even being that good at them either.” Bah! We’ll show those buyer monkeys at the next meeting!

*sad whistle*

Well, gosh darn it, we’ll be rewarding ourselves for “Really Excellent R2-D2 Audio Impressions” with tasty cookies out of this R2-D2 “talking” cookie jar, and using the sounds that it makes (whenever we open or close the lid) to help us practice our weeeee-wooooing technique. Watch out, ThinkGeek buyer monkeys: we’re coming back to the next meeting – this time with cookies! (That may not be much of a threat, now that we think about it.)

Star Wars R2-D2 Talking Cookie Jar




Current Price: $29.99

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