New Star Wars R2-D2 lawn ornament – Think Geek exclusive

Current Price: $69.99

There are all sorts of things trying to invade your well-manicured yard and make it less beautiful. Gophers. Dandelions. Rude neighbors who don’t clean up after their dogs. What you need is a guard. Someone who can watch over it and make sure no mischief occurs.

That’s where this Star Wars R2-D2 Lawn Ornament comes in. Since it looks like it’s made from concrete, you might assume it’s not really doing anything. But it silently watches all the goings-on around it. And it probably films them in hologram format for playback later. Unfortunately, we haven’t figured out how to access them yet. We’re working on it. Hopefully before spring when the kids get into our tulips….

Star Wars R2-D2 Lawn Ornament – Exclusive




Current Price: $69.99

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