New Star Wars R2-D2 bowls – set of 4 from Think Geek

Current Price: $19.99

For an astromech droid, Artoo sure does spend a lot of time holding things for other people. He’s sort of like a mom with a big purse. Messages for Obi-Wan. A fire extinguisher. Luke’s lightsaber. The list goes on.

And now he can hold something for you, too: your cereal. Or soup. This set of 4 melamine bowls is decorated like everybody’s favorite astromech droid: R2-D2. Each holds around 18 fl. oz., perfect for that sundae made with ice cream fresh-churned from blue milk. And since they’re melamine, they won’t break, even if your kitchen suddenly loses gravity. However, you probably will lose your lunch, should that happen. Not our fault.

Star Wars R2-D2 Bowls – Set of 4




Current Price: $19.99

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