New Star Wars droid kitchen container set from Think Geek

Current Price: $19.99

When you look around your kitchen, does it seem like the room just underwent an attack from the Empire? A few astromech droids might just be the thing you need! Of course, that might be a little dangerous, especially when some little R2 unit tries to interface with your refrigerator and the sparks start to fly.

A safer (and more effective) bet would be this set of three droid kitchen containers. They’ll hold anything that needs corralling around your countertops: coffee, tea, sugar, flour, evaporated blue milk… these little guys can hold it all. Or you can leave one of their tops off to create a nice utensil holder, but only if you promise not to taunt poor R2 with any “don’t lose your head” jokes.

Star Wars Droid Kitchen Container Set




Current Price: $19.99

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