New Star Wars Death Star USB Car Charger from Think Geek

Current Price: $29.99

Ever been driving and and had the urge to destroy? Traffic that’s keeping you from getting to your important appointment. Tailgaters riding your bumper when you can’t get out of the way. Drivers who believe their turn signals are ornamental and that they should be allowed to cut across multiple lanes of traffic because of their poor planning. They should all be destroyed… and their little planets, too!

Let’s be clear here: ThinkGeek does NOT condone road rage. In fact, that’s why we made the Star Wars Death Star USB Car Charger. It allows you to get your aggression out without hurting anyone… except Alderaan. They don’t count, right? When you plug in this Star Wars Death Star USB Car Charger, Grand Moff Tarkin will instruct you that “You may fire when ready,” and you’ll hear the superlaser let loose. The green LEDs flash with the firing noise, and before you know it, your anger is an asteroid belt, floating away.

Star Wars Death Star USB Car Charger



Current Price: $29.99

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