New Star Wars corset tops from Think Geek

Current Price: $32.99

If you’re always the quiet one in a group setting where everyone is offering all sorts of opinions, these Star Wars Corsets are your style. You prefer to consider, calculate, and then take action, not talk about it. (Or maybe you beep about it a little, but nobody understands you anyhow. *sad whistle*)

These Star Wars Corsets feature two of our favorite characters from the original trilogy: Boba Fett and R2-D2. We don’t get a lot of dialogue from either of them, which is just fine because their actions speak louder than words. Pair these with a skirt for some adorable casual cosplay or throw them on under a jacket with some skinny jeans to make a statement. Whether that statement is “He’s no good to me dead” or *beep boop* is up to you.

Star Wars Corset Top



Current Price: $32.99

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