New Minnie Mouse slippers from UGG Australia

Current Price: $165

This sweet moccasin from our partnership with Disney celebrates Minnie Mouse and her trademark style. The first animated fashion maven comes to life on this slipper through her signature colors and darling polka dot bow.

Womens Minnie Mouse slippers




Current Price: $165


  1. Deemaria

    For families with more than one girl, they can’t afford them. Disney of all places, should understand and lower the price to something affordable for all.

    1. Tay

      Their UGGs, that’s probably why the price is what it is…

    2. Paula

      I wish Uggs would lower their prices that would be a first. Years ago before they became popular I bought a pair at Costco for 69.99. I bought a pair of Ugg ankle boots lined with sheerling. I’ve had them 10 years and they’re still like new. They were $165 the owner of the store gave me a friends discount down to $89.00 I swear they last forever the bottoms don’t even look worn. I use Ugg cleanser on them twice a year. They’re so comphy. I’m a huge fan of Ugg products obviously Lol. I have several pairs stored in their boxes.

  2. Paula

    I have seen cheaper Minnie Mouse replica shoes but these are more then shoes they’re Uggs. $165 is actually a fair price for Uggs and plan on buying a pair soon. The only thing is when wearing at Disneyland I’m going to bring plastic bags so while going on Splash mountain I have something to cover my Ugg Minnie’s and protect them from becoming sopping wet. Other then that these look comphy Id wear them throughout the park with no problems. For years I was the one paying for my sons and myself. Now my sons have their own money. They’re offering to pay for my park hopper. With the money I’m saving by letting my sons pay for my park hopper I can purchase these Minnie uggs no problem.

  3. I wish they provided enough that everyone who wanted to buy a pair could get a pair. They have no woman sizes above a 6. I need a 9. How are people getting these I can find them no where.!

  4. Kim Puckett

    I want a pair. but sold out.. hopefully they will get more for fall… 🙂

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