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Now Available! “Guardians of the Galaxy” Baby Dancing Groot animated figure

Marvel made fans excited months ago when they announced a baby dancing Groot animated figure would officially be made, to be released in time for Christmas.

Unfortunately, the new item was hard to come by around the holidays, with limited stock available in stores and selling out quickly online. Now it seems to finally be easier to find, available on Amazon through third party sellers. The price will vary depending on the seller, though it should be around $15-20 plus shipping.

Check out the little guy in action in the video below, then hop over and buy one for yourself.

Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure


Move and groove along with this fun and unique dancing Groot! This plant from another planet will dance along to built-in music “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5. He will also dance to any sounds you make or music you play! You’re sure to have an out of this world experience with this exciting groovin’ Groot!

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