New Frozen Fever Snowgies plush toys from Disney Store

The Frozen Fever short was a hit with many Disney fans and the star of the little movie is definitely the Snowgies. Now Disney Store has released three different plush toys that also talks to you!

They’ll get a warm reception from this Snowgie Chatterback Plush. Talk to the little character from Frozen Fever and it repeats your words, but in a funny voice. Collect all three for even more chattering

Snowgie Chatterback Plush 1 – Frozen Fever – 6”


Snowgie Chatterback Plush 2 – Frozen Fever – 6”


Snowgie Chatterback Plush 3 – Frozen Fever – 6”



  1. Scott A. McDonald

    We’ll it’s about !#%}?! time the kids saw these guys two months ago reviewed on ttpm. And the Frozen fever short came out a month ago. All ready have all three great product. The kids love them but why is Disney marketing so slow on the draw ? I would have had a tractor trailer full of these guys in every theater parking lot across the Country before the first showing of Cinderella got out. Is it just me or is it the Frozen merchandise curse ?

  2. Its not just you. I was almost sucked into buying the Olaf + three snowgie set just for the snowgies even though I already have an Olaf. AND THE SNOWGIES WERE SO TEENY! Thank goodness I had common sense and waited for disney to just make the snowgies.

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