New Disney LEGO Minifigures collection to be released in May

Most of us played with LEGO’s while growing up and nothing could be better than the combination of Disney and LEGO.

Debuting in May, we will see a new exciting collection of Disney LEGO Minifigures. There will be 18 different Minifigures to pick from and they will retail for $3.99 each.

So where can you find these cuties come May? The World of Disney store at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World is your best bet but the famous LEGO store at Disney Springs will also be carrying them.

Ursula_Image_1488x838 Syndrome_Image_1488x838 Stitch_Image_1488x838 Peter Pan_Image_1488x838 mr_incridible_Image_1488x838 Minnie_Image_1488x838 Mickey_Image_1488x838 Maleficient_Image_1488x838 Genie_Image_1488x838 Donald_Image_1488x838 Daisy_Image_1488x838 Cheshire Cat_Image_1488x838 Captain Hook_Image_1488x838 Buzz_lightyear_Image_1488x838 Ariel_Image_1488x838 Alien_Image_1488x838 Alice_Image_1488x838 Aladin_Image_1488x838

Which Minifigure are you dying to get?

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