New Death Star Giant Paper Lantern from Think Geek

Current Price: $39.99

That’s no moon! It’s your very own Death Star Paper Lantern Floor Lamp, ready to be placed wherever you need just a bit more miniature planet destruction. Need a little Imperial style in your bedroom? Plug in a Death Star! Want to tell coworkers that you’ll Force Choke them if they ask you to “fix the printer” again? Stick a Death Star next to the reams of paper!

This Death Star Paper Lantern Floor Lamp even makes great party decor. It’s an 24″ sphere which can be switched on using an in-line foot toggle. It’s perfect for a dark corner. Looks great in a playroom. Being so lightweight, you can easily hang it from the opening on the top that exposes the armature. Just remember that it’s delicate. Don’t let the R/C helicopters attempt trench runs unless the pilot has steering down.

Death Star Giant Paper Lantern




Current Price: $39.99

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