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New custom made “On Demand” MagicBands coming to Walt Disney World, purple MagicBand finally here

In Walt Disney World, the MagicBand is an important accessory for guests and now a new option has premiered to personalize your MagicBand even more.

A new MagicBand On Demand location will open inside the Tomorrowland Power & Light Co. location near Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom Park. This system takes its roots from the D-Tech On Demand system were you can custom-make your own phone case.


For the new On Demand MagicBand. Disney will offer your choice of eight different MagicBand colors including, for the first time ever, the color purple.


There are also approximately 40 graphics to apply to your custom MagicBand. Some graphics will be specific to the location like the classic Magic Kingdom Park attractions and icons graphics seen below.


In addition to artwork, the retail MagicBand can be personalized with a name printed on the outside.

Once designed, the retail MagicBand is printed on location quickly and efficiently.

For the final step, the custom retail MagicBand can be either associated to your My Disney Experience account, or you can give it as a gift to friends or family who may be visiting Walt Disney World Resort soon.

Retail for a custom retail MagicBand is $21.95 while a personalized retail MagicBand is $29.95.

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