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Many sources today (including foodsafety.gov) recommend you use separate cutting boards for different types of foodstuffs. For instance, cut your raw meat on one and your vegetables on a separate ones to prevent any potential cross-contamination. What if, instead, you just flipped the board over? Yes, now you have to ensure your countertop is pristine, too, but hopefully you’re already doing that.

You can flip sides (or burgers) easily with this Marvel Civil War Choose Your Side Cutting Board. One side features a debossed design of Captain America’s shield and the other side has Iron Man’s Arc Reactor. Why these two? Well, why not? After all, we know Cap’s shield can absorb Hulk’s strength and face Thor’s hammer without any visible damage, which makes it the perfect chopping surface. However, without any obvious outlets, you’re going to have to figure out how to get the energy in this Arc Reactor to power your blender and your toaster. That might require a visit from Tony Stark, ’cause we’re fresh outta suggestions.

Marvel Civil War: Choose Your Side Cutting Board – Exclusive




Current Price: $29.99

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