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“J. Michael Roddy’s Haunter’s Tale” curates a creepy cool collection of content from haunt legends

Haunter's Tale
Current Price: $15.69

It’s not often that we get a glimpse into what goes on in the minds of those who craft our deepest fears. However, J. Michael Roddy’s “Haunter’s Tale” offers just such a peek behind the curtain.

This literary libation arrives well stocked with creepy cool content from ghostly greats within the haunt industry. Throughout this treasure of terror, haunter profiles accompany ghost stories, eerie artwork and macabre makeup manifestations.

Haunter's Tale

Haunter's Tale is coming!

Posted by Haunter's Tale on Monday, January 14, 2019

“FOR YEARS, THEY HAVE BEEN THE ARCHITECTS OF YOUR WORST NIGHTMARES. Here, collected within this book, are original creations from the dark imaginations of some of the industry’s top Haunters including original tales of darkness, true accounts of hauntings, photos, artwork, and more. The book also contains all-new interviews with the creators that give insight into why they embrace the dark and love to scare. Haunter’s Tale also includes a special introduction by horror legend Tom Savini!” –Amazon

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Harboring a host of haunt legends, “Haunter’s Tale” takes readers on a fear fueled frolic of fiendish fun. First hand accounts of spooky spirits, nightmare inducing macabre monsters and much more paint paranormal pictures sure to please any fan of Halloween and/or haunted attractions.

Michael Roddy assembled a swinging wake of who’s who in horror from across all walks of the haunt industry. 43 eerie entries from 31 haunt legends make up the 257-page paperback collection. Each haunter’s tale includes “scare cred” (details about the contributor) and a brief assortment of haunt/Halloween related questions answered by all.

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Michael Roddy’s Haunter’s Tale lurks, waiting for fear fans, on Amazon ($16.99). As hinted at the end of this terror tome, a second volume is sure to follow.

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(Personal note: I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to this collection – a trio of ghost stories and photographs – and honored to share the pages with such legends in the haunt community -Michael Gavin)

Source and images: Amazon, “Haunter’s Tale” Facebook page, Michael Gavin

Current Price: $15.69

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