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Interactive Spider-Man from Sphero cracks jokes, brings you on superhero missions

Current Price: $149.99

We recently showed you Sphero’s new app-controlled Lightning McQueen toy, and now Spider-Man is joining in on the fun.

Spider-Man connects to a mobile app, and he’s interactive, meaning you can expect to hear lots of jokes from him as you complete missions together. Every decision you make changes the course of the mission, so you can choose your own adventure with Spidey.

Spider-Man has fully-animated eyes and motion detection, so he can guard your room, serve as an alarm clock, and react to people passing.

Wi-fi capabilities allow Spider-Man to download the latest updates and new missions, games, and more.

Spider-Man is iOS and Android compatible, and he’s available now on the Sphero website.

Current Price: $149.99

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