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HOLY DOPPELGANGER! Ultra-realistic Batman figure exclusively from Sideshow Collectibles

Current Price: $135.00 - $450.00

POW!  Sideshow knocks it outta the park with this amazingly detailed Batman “Premium Format Figure.”

Created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the DC Comics 1960s campy television series, this 22” tall caped crusader is exclusive to Sideshow.  The 8.5 crime fighter is a perfect resemblance to Batman as portrayed by Adam West.  Decked out in dark blue and grey costume with cape, cowl and bat-utility belt, this hyper-realistic, depicted in mid swing, figure includes a round red and black bat symbol stand.





Sideshow expects to ship this iconic comic character in May of this year (the same time the similar scaled Julie Newmar Cat Woman is released into the wild).  Expect to hand over $450 for one of these highly collectable (limited to only 750) Premium Format Figures (a payment plan of $135.00 is also available).


Pre-order the DC Comics Batman DC Comics Premium Format(TM) Figure

Current Price: $135.00 - $450.00

in Entertainment, Movies & TV, Television

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