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Holiday Shopping: Hawkins High School gifts for your favorite Stranger Things fans

Current Price: $31.43 - $49.90

The holiday shopping season is here and we know finding the right gift can be tough, so we’ve put together some gift ideas for the “Stranger Things” fans in your life.

Your friends and family may not want to relive their actual high school days, but maybe they would if they attended Hawkins High. Now, they can pretend they went to school in the troubled town of Hawkins with this Hawkins Phys Ed. sweatshirt and duffel bag.

This great Hawkins Phy Ed. sweatshirt ($31.43) is the perfect winter apparel for showing off your “Stranger Things” fandom without being so obvious about it.

This BoxLunch-exclusive carry-on size duffel bag ($49.90) is perfect for making sure your luggage doesn’t get lost in the Upside Down. Featuring the Hawkins High School logo on the outside and a “Stranger Things” interior lining, this bag will certainly make the rest of your party jealous.

You can pick up the Hawkins Phys Ed. sweatshirt and Hawkins High School duffel bag by clicking the ‘Purchase’ button below!

Current Price: $31.43 - $49.90

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