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“Harry Potter” and “Star Wars” mini backpacks let you carry essentials in style

Current Price: $54.99 - $64.99

Mini backpacks are a great way to store your essentials when visiting theme parks, and the designers at Bioworld have created the perfect bags for Harry Potter and Star Wars fans.

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Mini Backpack ($54.99) is a stylish nod to everyone’s favorite magical train. The faux-leather bag features a fun Platform 9 3/4 charm that will surely attract the attention of fellow Potter fans.

Fan-favorite BB-8 is now an adorable backpack, too. The Star Wars BB-8 Mini Backpack ($64.99) features the lovable droid and Star Wars logo.

Both bags are available at 1923 Main Street.

Current Price: $54.99 - $64.99

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