For ghost hunting fun, call up Playmobil’s new “Ghostbusters” toy line

Current Price: $11.84 - $83.99

Earlier this year, ITM brought news of a new line of toys materializing from German toymaker Playmobil.  Hold on to your proton packs, the Ghostbusters are here!

Ectoplasmic excitement abounds with these detailed toys from Playmobil.  Figures have proton packs, ghost traps and PK meters in order to be fully equipped for their ghost busting adventures.

The hottest item in the set (pun intended) is the Ghostbusters Firehouse ($83.99).  Here, Playmobil went all out.  Three stories of paranormal playtime with the office, lab, and ground level, complete with a “working” containment system.  There’s room for Ecto 1 (separate item) too.  The set also includes the Library Ghost, Janine, Stantz, Spengler (in labcoat) and Tully (with spaghetti strainer monitoring cap).

The new themed toy line from Playmobil also includes a Terror Dogs set ($12.99), including a Venkman & Dana Barrett figure.

There’s also Stanz and the Staypuft Marshmallow Man ($19.99).

The Spengler figure comes in a set with ghost to battle ($11.44).

Even Slimer ($11.84) is in the Playmobil realm, complete with his own hot dog stand to terrorize.

Playmobil also has a set from the recent reboot, Zeddmore and Janine and Ecto 1 ($44.99).

Don’t wait for something strange to happen in your neighborhood.  Head to Amazon to get yours now!

Current Price: $11.84 - $83.99

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