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Gear up for your next trip to Wakanda with this Black Panther Zip-Up Hoodie from ThinkGeek

Current Price: $69.99

The King of Wakanda doesn’t need some flashy costume. A sleek, all-black look will work just fine. Unfortunately, a Panther suit made of vibranium can be a tad on the pricey side. Luckily, ThinkGeek has a nice, casual alternative for you.

This Black Panther Zip-Up Hoodie is the perfect relaxed attire for Wakandan royalty, or just anyone who is excited for Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster.

The officially licensed hoodie features faux leather sleeves, hood and kangaroo pocket, as well as glossy Black Panther-head logos on both the chest and the back.

You can order your Black Panther Zip-Up Hoodie from ThinkGeek by clicking the ‘Purchase’ button below!

Current Price: $69.99

in Disney, Entertainment, Marvel

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