First Look: New Cinderella collection from LeSportSac

The new live-action Cinderella movie is premiering in theaters today and will surely be a success with its stunning visual and romantic fairytale story. Leading up to the premiere of the movie we have seen many fashion collaborations featuring Cinderella and the accessory company LeSportSac is the next one up translating the beautiful story into a stunning collection. LeSportSac is no newbie to wonderful Disney collection and have previously released collection featuring Minnie Mouse and It”s a Small World.

LeSportSac was generous enough to send us a first look image from the new Cinderella collection. Two of the pieces being released i the Voyager Backpack that is called “Fairy Tale Moment” and the Medium Dome Cosmetic bag that is called “It Was Like A Dream”.

The Cinderella collection will be released at LeSportSac.com in the beginning of April.

Two beautiful Minnie Mouse collections are available from LeSportSac right now.

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