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“Enchanted Tiki Room” hardcover brings home all the Disney attraction-inspired Marvel comics

Current Price: $16.50

The marriage of Disney and Marvel has been very good for the Walt Disney Company.  Marvel universe films enjoy blockbuster status in theaters.  That universe is also starting to find its way into the parks with the recent conversion of Tower of Terror into Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout at Disney’s California Adventure park in Anaheim.

Marvel Comics has also hosted a series of Disney attraction based story lines.  From “Seekers of the Weird” and “Haunted Mansion” titles to “Big Thunder Mountain” and two “Figment” series, the five issue comic book adventures have resonated well with readers.  Perhaps the most bizarre of these limited run comics has been the “Enchanted Tiki Room.”

Each series featured 5 comics in their story arc, Tiki Room included.  After the series issues have all been published, Marvel usually follows up with a hardcover volume which includes all of the issues in one book.

“Enchanted Tiki Room: Disney Kingdoms” is a perfect companion for summer time leisure and a good way to revisit the Florida Walt Disney World attraction for its 45th anniversary.

All five issues of this enchanting experience are now available under one cover.  Considering each issue was about $4 apiece, the $16.99 cost, for the collectible hardcover all-inclusive edition, is a steal!

“Welcome to the Enchanted Tiki Room, a place of legend…of fantasy…and mystery. Here—on an isolated island populated by talking (and singing) birds and plants and ancient Tiki gods–almost anything can happen and does. As the next boat arrives with new visitors, what stories will unfold, what mysteries will be revealed and how are they all connected? Summer ain’t over yet, so grab your fl ip-fl ops, pop open your beach chair, and book your vacation with the latest Disney Kingdoms series!”

Current Price: $16.50

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