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Review: Frozen, Nightmare Before Christmas – Disney Collectibles and Toys

Following the busy holiday season, the folks at Entertainment Earth have sent over a few fun items for us to write about that you might want to spend your Christmas money on.

Entertainment Earth carries everything from action figures, Funko Pop figures, toys, figurines and much more. Below are just a few popular post-Christmas items.

Disney Pop-Up Magic Frozen Game

Spin the Spinner and join Anna, Elsa and Olaf on a magical journey in this Pop-Up Magic Frozen Game. Try to collect friend tokens and hurry up to get to the enchanted finish stone. BUT BE WARNED, watch out for Hans, he will trick you and send you the wrong way and keep you from reaching your goal.

The game is made for kids 3 years or older but can certainly be played by both kids and adults alike.

How To Play:

Spin the spinner. Move the number of spaces along the path. If you land on an occupied space move to the next open space. If you land on a stone space your turn ends and it’s the next players turn. However, if you land on a diamond space you get to take a token (seen on the left side in the picture below). If that token belongs to your character you move 6 steps ahead, if not you stay where you are. But make sure not to land on Hans because he will push you back 3 steps. Whoever can make their way around the board is the winner.

The game is simple to understand and play, but would still hold the attention of most kids aged 4-10 and their parents too. The game board, tokens and play pieces are highly detailed and makes for fun collectibles. A downside with this game is that it has a fairly short playtime as it is actually more created to be a add-on to other Disney Pop-Up Magic games. And with only three play pieces I could easily see kids fighting over which favorite character they get to play with.

You can also connect other Pop-Up Magic games such as the Disney Princess Magic Castle or Magic Tangled Game for an even longer path and more playtime. Olaf was my favorite play piece and I wish they would have added Sven as a play piece.

All in all, this would be a nice addition to your game shelf and should delight any “Frozen” fan.

 Elsa Key Chain Backpack Clip (Entertainment Earth Exclusive)

“Frozen” fans looking to complete their collections can check out this Entertainment Earth exclusive pewter key chain backpack clip featuring Elsa for only $5.99.

Elsa can be hung on keys chains, backpacks, purses, hand bags, and so many other things so that she can go with you just about anywhere. It’s made of heavy steel so it can handle being thrown around but is still very detailed, making it a nice “Frozen” accessory.

Jack Skellington Bust Bank

From Tim Burton’s ever-popular The Nightmare Before Christmas comes this Bust Bank featuring the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town himself, Jack Skellington.

Just place your change in the back of the vinyl bust bank and when you wish to retrieve your money…

…open up the bottom and out it comes.

This bank measures about 8-inches tall and works well for any Nightmare Before Christmas collector, even if a bit simplistic in design.

Jack Skellington Head Mug

What’s this? What’s this? Well, it’s an awesome mug that looks like the head of Jack Skellington. The mug holds nearly 19 ounces of coffee, tea or whatever your favorite beverage may be.

You can find all these and many more fun Disney products at Entertainment Earth.

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