Disney bows from Hot Topic makes it easy to show off your Disney Side

Hot Topic is always my go to store for cute and affordable Disney merchandise. One of my favorite items from their Disney range is their precious accessories and jewelry. It’s so easy shopping for such items as you don’t have to worry about size or them fitting right.

So what cute accessories can you find at Hot Topic? One example are Disney bows. Disney hair bows have become really popular in recent years and I almost always spot somebody wearing one in the parks. Whether you want to show off your Disney Princess love or Pixar obsession Hot Topic has a hair bow perfect for you.  Check out some of the most recent Disney hair bows below and to see more, Click HERE

Lion King hair bow
Toy Story Jessie hair bow
Ursula hair bow
Cheshire Cat hair bow

Thanks to High Intencity for these hair bow samples for review.

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