‘Chester on the Dresser’ solves the problem of all treats, no tricks with “31 Days of Halloween Mischief”

Current Price: $29.97

As we pass the halfway to Halloween mark this year, a dilemma must be solved.  According to Cheetos’ mascot Chester the Cheetah, Halloween has turned into an all treat and no trick holiday.  With his new children’s “instructional” book, “Chester on the Dresser,” the mischievous cheetah plans to solve this problem.

“Chester on the Dresser” comes in a boxed “kit” which includes the book of the same name and an 18” plush Chester the Cheetah.  Chester is decked out in his Halloween cape, running shoes and trademark sunglasses.

The hardcover children’s book offers whimsical, and safe, advice on how to prank family and friends for the Halloween season.  There’s one trick for each day of the month.

“Chester Cheetah is up to his mischievous ways again and wants you to bring back the trick in trick-or-treat by playing fun tricks and pranks with your family every day this Halloween season. Chester Cheetah loves sweet treats and Cheetos snacks, but wonders ‘where did the tricks in trick-or-treating go?’ That’s when he decided to write Chester on the Dresser: 31 Days of Mischief. And that’s why he’s counting on parents to read this book, play some pranks, and help him save Halloween—and the World! Well, mostly just save Halloween tricks.” -Amazon

NOTE: Excited to report that I just received the one I ordered. This thing is bigger than expected.  Pictured below on top of a 20″ box fan for reference.

Current Price: $29.97

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