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Celebrate National Popcorn Day with our Top 10 Popcorn Buckets from Disney Parks

Popcorn is one of the classic Disney Park snacks and to make the treat even more fun Disney Parks design some really cool popcorn bucket souvenirs for us to enjoy. Today we celebrate National Popcorn Day by checking out our top 10 popcorn bucket favorites throughout the years.

10. Mickey Mouse Popcorn Bucket from Tokyo Disneyland


9. Mickey Balloon Popcorn Bucket from the Disneyland Resort.


8. Star Wars R2D2 Popcorn Bucket from Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios


7. Halloween Hatbox Ghost Mickey Popcorn Bucket from Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World


6. Mermaid Lagoon Popcorn Bucket from Tokyo DisneySea


5. Christmas Stitch Popcorn Bucket from Tokyo Disneyland


4. Halloween Vampire Mickey Popcorn Bucket from Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World


3. Minnie Mouse Bow Popcorn Bucket from Tokyo Disneyland


2. Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Popcorn Bucket from Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World


1. Cinderella Popcorn Bucket from Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World


What is your favorite Disney Popcorn Bucket?


  1. Michael

    Aww, no Han Solo in carbonite popcorn bucket?

  2. Jessica Page

    I think the dumbo popcorn bucket from Disneyland is one of my favs!!! Can’t believe it didn’t make the top ten list!!!

    1. Ashley

      I totally agree with you! The Dumbo popcorn bucket definitely belongs in the Top 10!

  3. Mitch

    Picked up a Tie Fighter popcorn bucket at Hollywood Studios in Dec. and it’s awesome!!

  4. Mitch

    Michael they do have a Han Solo frozen in carbonite plastic lunch box we picked up for my “ahem” son (me).

  5. Linda W

    The Mickey Elf popcorn bucket from Christmas 2014 was really cool!

  6. Sue Kopac

    I love the popcorn buckets, wish I could get some of them. Disney is always so creative with the buckets.

  7. Naxhieli Flores

    So….. if they don´t ship it to México, I´m not interested in torturing myself by just watching! And I´m talking about the Stitch one from Tokyo! :p

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