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Add some anti-hero to your home with this Deadpool Tapestry Throw from ThinkGeek

Current Price: $29.99

Don’t sleep on Deadpool. Unless of course you’re talking about this Deadpool Tapestry Throw from ThinkGeek, in which case, by all means go ahead and sleep on Deadpool.

This delightful throw blanket features the artwork from Julian Totino Tedesco’s cover for the 2013 Marvel comic Thunderbolts #17.

The Merc with a Mouth enjoys a slice of pizza inside while a number of super-powered beings wreak havoc outside. With this throw, you can ignore all the madness and join Deadpool for a slice.

You can order this Deadpool Tapestry Throw from ThinkGeek by clicking the ‘Purchase’ button below!

Current Price: $29.99


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