2017 Cat Wars wall calendar

Current Price: $14.99

If any animal does, cats certainly know the temptation of the Dark Side. No, guys. We said, “temptation” not “Temptations.” Look, if we give you a treat will you stop with the headbonks so we can write this copy?

As we were saying, felines understand the power of the Dark Side. They push glasses off surfaces to get a reaction. They’re filled with the power of the Force at 3 a.m. which causes them to go on simulated trench runs. They’re tiny little Sith (and Jedi) masters in fur suits. Remind yourself of this on a daily basis with this 2017 Cat Wars Wall Calendar, which features cats with lightsabers. Note: ThinkGeek recommends against giving your own cats lightsabers. Just look at these. Safer that way.

2017 Cat Wars Wall Calendar



Current Price: $14.99

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