Guest Shares Rare Photos of Incredible Disney World Ride Breakdown

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Guests in front of Spaceship Earth inside of EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Disney

A legendary Disney World ride shut down, forcing guests to evacuate.

A large geodesic sphere made up of triangular panels is seen against a clear blue sky at Disney World. Two palm trees are positioned in the foreground, with the lower portion of the sphere slightly obscured by angular structures.
Credit: Inside the Magic

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A classic Walt Disney World attraction broke down, allowing guests to share some incredible photos. The incident occurred on Spaceship Earth, a decades-old ride at EPCOT, with hundreds of guests being asked to evacuate.

The Walt Disney World Resort is full of history, with all four theme parks offering a vast collection of classic rides. While these rides are typically the biggest draw of the Disney parks, many fans prefer Disney for its unbeatable level of immersion and family-friendly atmosphere.

For some, simply walking around the resort and taking in all of the details is an attraction in itself, with EPCOT being the definitive place to relax and truly experience Disney’s exceptional detail.

EPCOT is divided into four distinct areas: World Celebration, World Discovery, World Nature, and World Showcase. Each of these four lands features its own activities and attractions, though the World Showcase is the largest and most feature-rich.

World Showcase allows guests to explore the world, featuring 11 different bite-sized countries for guests to explore. From Italy to Norway, guests can travel the world, enjoying authentic cuisine, entertainment, and shopping opportunities along the way.

However, the true center of EPCOT, both figuratively and literally, is Spaceship Earth, a ride that recently broke down, resulting in a full evacuation.

A large geodesic sphere, known as Spaceship Earth, is illuminated in vibrant rainbow colors against the night sky. Flags can be seen in the bottom right near trees silhouetted by the glow of the lights.
Credit: Disney

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A post on the Walt Disney World Reddit has garnered much attention, with one guest documenting their experience while evacuating Spaceship Earth.

“I went on Spaceship Earth around 5pm, business as usual with the occasional stoppage for a few seconds,” states the guest. “Got stuck on the cavemen scene for a little over five minutes, which I would consider to be longer than average.”

The guest explained that once they reached the Michelangelo scene, the ride stopped once again, this time for around 5 minutes. Eventually, work lights came on, confirming that guests were about to be asked to evacuate the attraction.

“The ride operator came on the speakers and told everyone to stay in their time machine and a cast member would be with us to assist shortly. Two cast members went past our scene, and came back down to lead us through the central evac route. They did not say we were not allowed to take photos (which I thought was surprising).”

The guest then explained that once they had exited the ride, Disney cast members offered them a free Lightning Lane pass that they could use for select attractions. Spaceship Earth eventually reopened and continued operation that evening.

Because of the breakdown, the guest managed to snap quite several incredible photos during the evacuation, sharing them online.

5/26 Spaceship Earth Evac
byu/jgriffin84 inWaltDisneyWorld

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Spaceship Earth is a massive attraction. The dark ride features 152 cars, each one holding up to four people. Depending on how busy EPCOT was, it’s possible over 600 guests were asked to evacuate Spaceship Earth.

As mentioned earlier, ride stoppages are quite common for Spaceship Earth and other Omnimover attractions, like Haunted Mansion and Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin at Magic Kingdom.

Spaceship Earth has been operating since 1982 and is the centerpiece of EPCOT. This slow-moving dark ride transports guests through time and educates them about the development and advancement of communication.

Guests will pass by some of the world’s most important people and their inventions, such as Gutenberg’s printing press and the origins of Apple computers.

What’s your favorite attraction at EPCOT?

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