Desperate Netflix Offers “Vastly Reduced Price” Before New Disney+ Bundle Hits Market

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If you thought Netflix would not immediately react to the news that Disney+, Hulu, and Max were teaming up for a mega-streaming bundle, think again. In the wake of that industry-changing announcement, Netflix is offering a “vastly reduced” price for a new service called “StreamSaver.”

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Last week, The Walt Disney Company announced an unprecedented new offer that would bundle its own Disney+ in a single-priced deal with Hulu and the Warner Bros. Discovery-owned Max streaming service. While virtually every streamer is pushing bundles (which is to say, various different services offered as a comprehensive package for a single price rather than individual billing), rival companies like Disney and Warner teaming up to do so is a very new development in the streaming wars.

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As Inside the Magic previously reported, the Disney+/Hulu/Max bundle that will soon be offered does not actually have any guarantee of significantly reducing consumer prices and is actually intended to give subscribers the feeling that they’re getting their money’s worth. Warner Bros. Discovery CEO and president of global streaming and games JB Perrette even said:

“Even if they don’t use a service in one month, [consumers] still feel like they’re getting great value and they might use it the next month, and so it’s got a lot of rationale by pulling these together and makes us all be able to go back to investing in the areas that we really are great at.”

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Despite that, this new movie by Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery is not going unnoticed by Netflix, the dominant force in streaming TV and film. According to Variety, the company is teaming up with Comcast to offer the “StreamSaver” bundle, a direct competitor to the Disney+/Hulu/Max bundle, but with the promise of “vastly reduced” prices.

At MoffettNathanson’s 2024 Media, Internet and Communications Conference in New York, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts revealed that all Comcast customers will be offered the StreamSaver bundle, which includes Netflix, Peacock (the proprietary streamer of NBCUniversal, owned by Comcast) and Apple TV+. Roberts said, “Those three products will come at a vastly reduced price to anything in the market today and will be available to all our customers…We’ve been bundling video successfully and creatively for 60 years. And so this is the latest iteration of that, and I think will be a pretty compelling package.”

Brian Roberts did not state the initial price of the StreamSaver bundle. Currently, the lowest-priced individual subscriptions from the three streaming services are $5.99/month (ad-supported Peacock Premium), $6.99/month (Netflix Basic with ads), and $9.99/month (standard Apple TV+). That totals $22.97, meaning that if Netflix and company are going to back up the “vastly reduced” claim, it’ll need to be lower than that.

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In contrast, the cost of the Disney+ and Hulu ad-free bundle is $19.99/month, and the standard ad-free Max plan is $15.99/month. That makes $35.98, meaning that the StreamSaver may significantly be able to undercut that. On the other hand, the offer is only open to current Comcast customers, inclusive of broadband, TV and mobile, so subscribers will already be paying additional fees to the customer.

At the moment, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, and Starz appear to be the remaining major streaming services that have not yet announced that they are partnering with competitors in a potentially monopolistic bundle deal. But they are likely not far behind.

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