10 Years in the Making, Disney Personalities Reflect on Highly-Anticipated Release of New Entertainment

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A group of five men, dressed smartly in suits with some wearing vivid colors, holds hands and smiles behind a desk with an "ESPN College GameDay" sign. The background shows a cheering stadium crowd and large buildings, indicating a lively NCAA 25 football game atmosphere. college gameday espn ncaa 25

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College football fans and video game junkies unite! After a 10-year hiatus, EA Sports and their remarkably popular game, NCAA Football, is making noise as it prepares to hit shelves this July!

A football player in a navy blue and maize uniform runs with the ball, pursued by an opponent in a white and red uniform. The background features a stadium filled with fans eagerly awaiting the highly-anticipated release of EA NCAA College Football 25, visible in the corner.
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NCAA 25 is an upcoming video game in the EA Sports College Football series, highly anticipated by college football fans. This edition will feature enhanced gameplay, improved graphics, and a wide range of teams and players. One of the key highlights of NCAA 25 is the inclusion of top college athletes like Jalen Hurts, Quinn Ewers, Travis Hunter, Donovan Edwards, and Carson Beck, adding realism and excitement to the gaming experience.

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With the return of the EA College Football series, fans can look forward to controlling their favorite teams in electrifying matchups reminiscent of the college football season. The game is set to capture the essence of the sport with detailed stadiums, accurate player movements, and authentic playcalling.

In NCAA 25, players can expect a diverse range of teams, from powerhouse programs like Ohio State, Florida State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Georgia, Alabama, and Oregon State to emerging talents from various conferences. The gameplay mechanics aim to mirror the intensity and strategy seen in real college football games, making every play and decision crucial for success on the virtual gridiron.

Image showing the EA Sports College Football 25 logo. The design features the EA Sports emblem and the text "College Football 25" in bold white on a torn black background, highlighting its highly-anticipated release.
Credit: EA Sports

Furthermore, the Deluxe Edition of NCAA 25 may offer additional features such as exclusive content, early access, and bonus in-game items, enticing fans to upgrade for an enhanced gaming experience. As EA Sports continues to refine the game to meet the expectations of avid players, NCAA 25 is poised to deliver an immersive and immersive virtual college football experience, setting the stage for hours of competitive gameplay and enjoyment.

ESPN Personalities Will Play a Significant Role in NCAA 25

For those of us who adore college football, the perfect way to start our fall Saturdays is by tuning into College Gameday on ESPN. ESPN, owned by Disney, has been hosting the show live on college campuses for decades. The show highlights unique rivalries, traditions, and food while breaking down the day’s on-field match-ups.

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The award-winning show has been and will continue to be, a focal point in NCAA’s return to video games. Personalities like Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit, who have spent countless hours laying down upwards of 30,000 recordings for the game, will be the major selling point as they break down and provide live-game commentary when you take the field.

We Missed You, NCAA

For those of you who are unaware, the NCAA the game stopped producing popular media in 2014 after a lawsuit regarding utilizing the likeness of players stalled the game’s efforts to continue. Although EA Sports still continued on with their popular Madden franchise.

Pat McAfee hosting College Gameday
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Now that NIL is legal in College Football, EA Sports College Football is back for its 2025 edition, and Gameday fans couldn’t be more excited.

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