Report: Iconic Magic Kingdom Land To Be Demolished After 53 Years

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Amid the grounds of Walt Disney World Resort’s iconic Magic Kingdom Park, whispers of transformation linger in the air, hinting at an imminent evolution that will reportedly reshape Adventureland.

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Conceived as a homage to the spirit of adventure that fueled Walt Disney’s own life and travels, Adventureland was meticulously designed to transport visitors to far-flung corners of the globe, where exotic landscapes and thrilling encounters awaited at every turn. Drawing inspiration from the untamed jungles of Africa, Asia, and South America, Disney envisioned Adventureland as a realm of exploration and discovery, where the boundaries between fantasy and reality blur and the call of adventure beckons.

Every detail of Adventureland was carefully crafted to immerse Disney park guests in a world of unparalleled excitement and intrigue. From the lush foliage and winding pathways to the authentic architecture and intricate theming, every aspect of the land was designed to evoke a sense of wonder and awe. Through the use of immersive storytelling and cutting-edge technology, Disney sought to transport visitors beyond the confines of the every day, inviting them on a journey of the imagination where the ordinary gave way to the extraordinary.

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From the legendary Pirates of the Caribbean to the whimsical Jungle Cruise, Adventureland invites Walt Disney World guests to chart a course through realms of excitement and intrigue. Yet, even amid the timeless charm of Magic Kingdom, change is inevitable. Recent whispers suggest that the winds of transformation are stirring once more, with rumors swirling of a bold new addition to Adventureland’s storied landscape. According to reports, plans are underway to introduce a Moana-themed boat ride to the heart of Adventureland, marking the first major expansion to the land in over five decades.

Though there is certainly excitement about this project—which is still likely years in the making—reports suggest that alongside the creation of the Moana-themed attraction, there will also likely be preparations for demolition work in the surrounding area, clearing the path for the new adventure and potential neighboring attractions. This, of course, is not meant to mean that there will be any significant closures in the land when the construction does happen, as we expect both Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise to remain relatively untouched, but it could mean that several areas of the land are demolished and certain retail and food locations are changed in preparation for the new attraction.

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Disney plans to spend over $60 billion in major expansions over the course of the next decade. Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro shared that he and CEO Bob Iger took a look at how much land they have to expand and, ultimately, made the decision to move forward.

“About a year ago,” D’Amaro said, “I found myself in Bob’s office, and we were talking about the last 100 years and everything that had happened in our products around the world. And we talked about the number of stories we hadn’t been able to tell yet and the number of acres we have available that we can exercise and the number of fans out there who would want to participate in that. Bob looked at me and said, ‘Go.’”

Keep in mind, though, that this is still a rumor at this time and has not been confirmed by Walt Disney World Resort.

Magic Kingdom is changing, and more expansions are on the horizon

The prospect of this Moana-inspired adventure has sparked excitement among Disney enthusiasts, with many eagerly anticipating the opportunity to set sail alongside Maui and Moana on a daring voyage across the ocean’s expanse. From navigating treacherous reefs to braving the fiery wrath of Te Kā, this immersive journey promises to transport guests to the vibrant world of Motunui, where mythical creatures and breathtaking landscapes await at every turn.

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As anticipation mounts for the unveiling of this exciting new addition, speculation abounds regarding the future of Walt Disney World Resort. With the D23 Fan Expo on the horizon, many believe that this could be the perfect stage for announcing not only the Moana-themed attraction but also other major projects poised to redefine the landscape of Magic Kingdom and beyond.

Of course, the most prominent of these is what’s “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain.”

While the report says that the Moana-themed attraction could actually be built and opened before the “Beyond Big Thunder Mountain” expansion happens, there’s still no doubt that fans want to know exactly what Disney has up its sleeves for the future of Magic Kingdom Park. With Tiana’s Bayou Adventure nearing its completion, it stands to reason that the company will move forward with the massive expansion following the opening of the log flume ride, which is set to replace Splash Mountain.

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There have been many rumors about what could be coming to the area, but Coco and Disney Villains seem to be the two leaders in the clubhouse.

We don’t expect any major transformations at Magic Kingdom outside of Adventureland, Frontierland, and the new expansion, at least for the foreseeable future. The Disney World park is also home to Fantasyland, which just saw a massive expansion back in 2012, as well as Tomorrowland, which just saw the opening of TRON Lightcycle / Run next to Space Mountain. Finally, Liberty Square and Main Street, U.S.A., will likely remain relatively unscathed for the near future, as well.

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