New Documentary Series Claims Disney “Built” America

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A new series makes a very bold claim about The Walt Disney Company.

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Disney has grown and evolved significantly over the last few years under the guided leadership of Disney veteran Bob Iger. Iger served as CEO of The Walt Disney Company for decades before his departure in 2019. However, Iger’s time at Disney was long from over, with the executive stepping back in to replace controversial Disney leader Bob Chapek. Iger is set to serve as Disney’s CEO until 2026, when a successor will take over.

Under the leadership of Iger, Disney has grown significantly, acquiring large brands and companies like Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm. Disney+ has remained unprofitable since its launch nearly five years ago, but Bob Iger has stated he is confident he can turn things around.

Disney+ officially launched back in 2019 and forever changed the streaming landscape. While other industry titans like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video have dominated the space, no streaming platform features the rich catalog of films and TV series quite like Disney, making Disney+ the go-to service for millions of users. Disney+ users have access to thousands of hours of content, ranging from classic Disney brands like Pixar and Disney Channel original movies, as well as a robust selection of Marvel, Star Wars, and Lucasfilm content. Fans can also stream sports through ESPN integration, educational documentaries, and shows through Disney’s collaborations with National Geographic.

Disney also creates and develops original content for the platform, giving fans insight into how the company runs and operates, with the newest project making a very bold claim. However, something that makes Disney truly special is its willingness to collaborate and partner up with other large companies, providing new entertainment opportunities for fans.

Exploring the magical influence: how disney shaped american culture.
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Recently, Disney and the History Channel revealed a new series that will go into detail about the history of The Walt Disney Company. The new upcoming series, titled How Disney Built America, will debut later this month, making the bold claim that Disney fundamentally shaped the America we see today. The new series will feature rare archival footage and material, as well as dramatic recreations. This new series will not premiere on Disney+ but on the History Channel. It’s possible the series will be brought over to Disney+ at some point, but fans will need to tune into the History Channel if they wish to catch it live.

The first episode is called “The Birth of Mickey” and will focus on the creation of one of the world’s most recognizable cartoon characters ever, Mickey Mouse himself. The second episode is titled “Dawn of the Animated Blockbuster.”

“Each hour-long episode focuses on a different example of game-changing brilliance in Disney’s history, including inventing the world’s most recognizable characters, creating the animated features industry, revolutionizing the concept of merchandising, and using groundbreaking engineering to construct Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and beyond. Viewers will hear from Imagineer Bob Gurr, a direct hire from Walt who developed over 100 designs for Disney attractions, to gain surprising insights into the unique innovations and struggles involved in realizing the dreams of a visionary.”

How Disney Built America will debut on April 28, 2024.

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