DeSantis Takes Bizarre Victory Lap Around Disney in New Music Video

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Ron DeSantis with a brass band playing next to him

Credit: Inside the Magic

Ron DeSantis is on a victory tour after his legal defeat of the Walt Disney Company and has released a strange new music video to further boast of his courtroom win.

Governor Ron DeSantis surrounded by fireworks as Disney Magic Kingdom
Credit: Inside the Magic

The Florida Governor and the Walt Disney Company have been locked in a legal battle since early 2023, when Ron DeSantis dissolved the Reedy Creek Improvement District, allegedly in retaliation for the Mouse’s public stance against his Parental Rights in Education bill (which has now been signed into law).

Most recently, a lawsuit against DeSantis and his Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) board of supervisors (which was appointed by the governor and has already seen more than its share of controversies) was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Allen Winsor. Although Disney has already appealed the decision, it was widely seen as a crushing defeat for the iconic media company.

DeSantis with justice scales over Walt Disney Studios logo
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DeSantis wasted no time boasting about his victory over the Walt Disney Company, arguably to strategically boost his image in the wake of his embarrassingly collapsed presidential campaign. This new video, posted to his official Twitter, is the latest entry in this new campaign.

In the caption, the governor stated, “One year ago, I signed legislation ending what an independent audit found to be one of the worst examples of cronyism in modern U.S. history: Reedy Creek, a local government controlled by a single company; Disney.”

For context, the “independent audit” that DeSantis refers to was actually commissioned by the CFTOD board at the cost of $360,000 taxpayer dollars. The Walt Disney Company dismissed it as “an exercise in revisionist history. It is neither objective nor credible, and only seeks to advance CFTOD’s interests in its wasteful litigation that could derail investment within the district.” Disney scholar Richard Foglesang told Inside the Magic that its accusations of cronyism and bribery are a “misnomer.”

Governor Ron DeSantis looking surprised by the Walt and Mickey statue at Disney World
Credit: CBS/Inside the Magic

The governor continued, saying, “While so many claimed ending the cronyism would be bad for Florida, the result has been transparency and accountability, including a reduction of taxes and local businesses being allowed to compete for projects, saving the district millions of dollars.”

While the savings to the district are a matter of debate (especially when one considers its massively inflated legal budget), it is undeniable that the Reedy Creek to CFTOD transition has been rocky, with scores of longtime employees leaving and accusations of inside-dealing, corruption, and sex scandals clouding the board.

DeSantis concluded, “The federal lawsuit filed by Disney has been dismissed and the new state board continues to initiate positive reforms.”

Again, the decision is being appealed, and the CFTOD is facing two different lawsuits regarding Walt Disney World.

Ron DeSantis in front of Disney World Cinderella Castle with the CFTOD logo
Credit: DeSantis/CFTOD/Disney, edited by ITM

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However, it is not Governor DeSantis’s statement regarding Disney that are particularly bizarre about this video. What’s more interesting is that it appears to be a montage of pro-DeSantis headlines and interviews, initially set to French composer Paul Dukas’ “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” a piece of music closely associated with the classic Disney film Fantasia (1940). It is difficult not to see that as yet another slap in the face to Disney.

Then, the video wraps up with Ludwig von Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” Pretty on the nose, Governor DeSantis.

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