Disney+ to be Canceled by Subscribers, Viral Phrase Takes Over After Recent Changes

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It looks like 2024 might not be a good year for Disney+, as #CancelDisneyPlus is currently trending after recent changes that the Mouse House has made to the streaming platform.

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When Disney+ debuted in late 2019, no one knew how crucial it would be for Disney to jump into the streaming game at the time that they did. After a few months of operations, the world would shut down, leaving millions turning to Disney+ for entertainment. The company had initially set a goal of 60 to 90 million users by 2024. In 2023, the company hit a whopping 150 million subscribers.

Since then, however, many shows and movies have been leaving the platform, and additionally, costs are rising.

Now, a couple of changes have left Disney fans turning away from the platform.

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According to Yahoo News, Cancel Disney Plus is currently trending due to price increases and password-sharing crackdowns. This past October, the ad-free Disney+ account went from $10.99 t0 $13.99, and additionally, passwords are no longer allowed to be shared. If you are sharing a password with family who do not live in your household on the family plan, for example, now your plan will be automatically upgraded in cost to do so, without notice.

Now, since these announcements, Cancel Disney Plus has been said 510% more than normal.

Yahoo wrote, “Streaming platforms have become a key part of many studios’ content distribution plans, but not all of them have been quite as successful as Disney+ was out of the gate. With its nearly 100 years worth of popular offerings (which some would argue did damage to brands), combined with a very aggressive price tag, the platform was an immediate hit. However, that incredible subscription cost has been going steadily up over the last three and a half years. And with the news of the most recent Disney+ price increase and more, it looks like some fans have hit their limit, as an unflattering statement is currently trending.”

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The post has been flooded with comments of users chiming in with their thoughts.

Adam chimed in, stating that there is not enough new content, “You know, streaming platforms that rely on entertainment from years past may want to realize that all of those great movies have already been seen. People aren’t willing to pay much to see the same things again and again. The value is in the new content that entertains us each month going forward, not what we already watched years ago.

BTW, spending a fortune on Marvel or Star Wars makes great content for all of eight episodes or so. After those are done, then what? Should we keep paying for another year?”

Sox wrote that they already followed through and canceled their subscitption, “I canceled mine, they have changed so much, and not to me in a good way. Streaming is not great too many, too many cost and buffers constantly. Lets get back to the old way.”

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Air Z chimed in with the thought that Disney’s latest list of “flops”, aka movies that have left the company spending far more than they made on a film, is not giving viewers a reason to stuck around, pay for the platform, and wait for these films to come out. One guest even replied, “Given their recent content, they should pay me.”

Anthony said he was not a fan of the direction that the company was headed, “I don’t like the price increases but what did me in with Disney was the woke stuff . Catering to a small crowd and lose your long-time loyal fans. oh well”.

It seems that Disney is certainly feeling the effects of some canceling their Disney+ plans, as the company currently has an active deal with Roku over the holidays to promote Cinderella Castle, and therefore, Disney+ on their cityscape, in hopes that fans will purchase a subscription while using Roku.

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That being said, Disney+ subscribers have dropped to 146.1 million. Disney’s goal for Disney+ subscribers was 154.8 million, so this now falls short. Disney’s “core” consumers increased by 1% — regardless, we are starting to see subscribers drop off now that Disney has begun to reduce the amount of content they are able to bring to their audience, the people paying for these services on a month-to-month basis.

It will be interesting to see what Disney’s subscriber base looks like in early 2024, after users have fully experienced the price changes and password crackdowns.

What do you think about Disney+ and the recent changes to the platform?

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