Disney CEO Bob Iger’s Replacement Identified in New Report

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A successor to Bob Iger has reportedly been revealed.

Credit: Disney (Edited by ITM)

Bob Iger’s potential successor has been revealed.

Bob Iger with Disney logo
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A new report from CNBC wraps up 13 different media executives’ thoughts on 2024, making predictions regarding some of the world’s largest companies, like Universal, Warner Bros., and, of course, Disney.

2023 has been an exceptionally shaky year for many companies, Disney included, with the SAG-AFTRA strikes in Hollywood throwing a massive wrench into the plans of media and entertainment companies around the world. In 2023, we saw Warner Bros. Discovery effectively kill its brand recognition and image, with CEO David Zaslav making some unprecedented decisions for the company throughout the year.

Disney has faced its fair share of controversies and issues as well, with CEO Bob Iger making some rather insensitive remarks about the strikes. Iger has dealt with incredible amounts of backlash and threats from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, with Disney filing multiple lawsuits against both him and the state of Florida. Iger has a lot on his plate, stepping back into the role of CEO in November of 2022 after Disney revealed it had terminated former CEO Bob Chapek. Iger’s time back at Disney was always supposed to be limited, but with Iger extending his contract another two years until 2026, many are left wondering what will happen when he eventually exits.

Disney CEO Bob Iger with Mickey Mouse waving goodbye
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According to an analyst for CNBC, Bob Iger’s successor is likely to be Co-Chairman of Disney Entertainment Dana Walden. It’s rumored that Iger will extend his contract once more, but Walden is a front-runner for the position once it eventually does open up. Iger will most likely move to a chairman role when Walden theoretically takes over, just as he did when Bob Chapek became CEO in early 2020.

This analyst reported back in September that Iger plans to name a successor in early 2025, just around a year before he gives up his seat. This means an announcement could surface as early as late 2024. Other analysts predicted executives such as the CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, were options for Disney CEO.

This analyst predicted that Christine McCarthy would depart as CFO of The Walt Disney Company, so they have a decent track record when it comes to calculated predictions.

Bob Iger with Disney+ in the background
Credit: Inside the Magic

One of the biggest challenges Disney has faced has been the profitability of its Disney+ streaming service. This has been a core issue for Iger and has led Disney in a positive direction in the short time he’s come back as CEO.

The Walt Disney Company is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary, a celebration that has included special events in multiple ways, including limited-time experiences within Disney’s theme parks as well as Wish (2023), a new animated film celebrating Disney’s centennial.

What do you think will happen with Bob Iger? Who do you think will become the new Disney CEO?

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