Beloved Comedian Found Dead at 37 After Unexpected Accident

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Kenny DeForest and James Cordon

Credit: The Late Late Show with James Cordon

This year has been filled with saddening and unforgettable losses, and now, as we approach the tail end of 2023, there is more bad news to share. The beloved and highly popular stand-up comedian Kenny DeForest has passed away at the young age of 37.

Seth Myers and Kenny DeForest
Credit: Late Show with Seth Myers

Kenny DeForest is widely known for his comedic styling and talents, having appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Late Late Show with James Corden and the Pete Holmes-helmed HBO series Crashing. 

As reported by NBC, “One week ago, Kenny DeForest was involved in a serious collision in Brooklyn while riding an electric CitiBike, according to police. The 37-year-old performer struck a car Dec. 8 in Crown Heights just before 9 a.m.”

Emergency responders reached the location near St. Marks Avenue and Rogers Avenue, swiftly transporting DeForest to Kings County Hospital. Subsequently, medical professionals were compelled to perform a procedure to alleviate pressure from a brain bleed, necessitating the removal of a portion of his skull.

Kenny DeForest and James Cordon
Credit: The Late Late Show with James Cordon

Originally, a GoFundMe was created for Kenny’s recovery, but that page has now become a donation spot for his memorial.

The page reads:

“Kenny DeForest is and was a truly positive influence on all the lives he touched. Kenny died on Wednesday December 13th at Kings County Hospital surrounded by his parents, family, and friends. Kenny’s final moments included some of his favorite songs, stories of his childhood, and memories of his extensive positivity and joy for life.

Kenny’s impactful life will continue on through the gift of organ donation. Even in death he will continue to make meaningful improvements in the lives of others.

On Friday December 8th, our dear friend Kenny DeForest was in an e-bike accident. Kenny underwent neurological surgery to remove a piece of his skull and relieve pressure from a brain bleed at Kings County Hospital.

All the money here will go directly to help Kenny’s family cover his extensive medical bill.”

Over $170,000 has been raised.

The comment section of the page is flooded with fans and those who knew Kenny, thanking him for all of the laughs he provided.

On the page, there is also a link to Kenny’s comedy special Don’t You Know Who I Am?

This video has now received a spark in viewership, and the comment section is now a memorial spot for fans to say thank you to the comic and actor, “Rest easy man. It’s so heartbreaking that such a young talent died so tragically and suddenly. Rest in peace and know you did make an impact”.

As we stated, Kenny was also on the hit HBO series Crashing.

Crashing is a comedy-drama television series, created by Pete Holmes. The show also had the prolific Judd Apatow as a series director, making it a comedy staple. The first season aired on the HBO network in 2017, and it continued for a total of three seasons.

This semi-autobiographical series centers around a fictionalized version of Pete Holmes, a comedian navigating a career in stand-up comedy after experiencing homelessness caused by his wife’s infidelity. The storyline unfolds as Holmes tries to rebuild his life amidst the challenges of pursuing a career in comedy. The series incorporates real comedians playing fictionalized versions of themselves in recurring roles, which is how Kenny landed a spot on the series.

Below, you can take a look at his stand-up on Late Night with Seth Myers.

Recently, we wrote about a separate GoFundMe page that was launched for Ken Hudson Campbell, who played Santa Claus in Home Alone and is fighting cancer. His GoFundMe has launched with over $100,000 donated.

All of us at Inside the Magic wish Kenny’s family and friends our condolences.

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