Netflix Officially “Banned” From Streaming ‘Wednesday’, Updates Reveal Legal Issues

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Credit: Netflix

Netflix has been in murky waters with one of their most popular shows, and now, it appears that there may be an even bigger issue at hand.

When it comes to the leader of the streaming wars, it is not a shock to hear that Netflix continues to reign with well over 260 million paid subscribers. The company has come a long way since Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph were delivering DVDs to their customers through mail, as it now makes $32.126 billion per year.

Credit: Netflix

While Netflix’s vast library has carried a ton of the weight on the road to success, there are certain shows that have been so immensely popular that have been able to lay claim to assisting the streaming platform over the years. One of those shows is Stranger Things, the 80s horror-comedy coming-of-age program has broken a multitude of records for the streaming platform, becoming one of the most watched franchises in Netflix’s history.

Other shows, like Squid Game, have smashed Western ideals as to what a good show needs, with their subtitled Korean masterpiece having the most views total for all of Netflix.

There have also been other shows like Bridgerton, Black Mirror, Suits, Yellowstone, and more, which have helped and continue to help Netflix grow into the powerhouse that it is.

Eleven and Will Byers in Stranger Things season 4.
Credit: Netflix

Considering Netflix has just confirmed that they will be initiating a price hike over the holidays, it is their tried and true creations that will have their subscribers paying monthly, as they await for the new season of their favorite show to drop. Now, that the strike has come to an end, many Netflix projects are back in development.

As we previously shared, below is the full list of shows that have returned to filming. 

  • NCIS
  • FBI

While this list will certainly grow, many were stunned to not see Netflix’s Wednesday listed.

Jenna Ortega smiling eerily as Wednesday Addams
Credit: Netflix

Wednesday has earned the distinction of becoming the most-viewed series in history, accumulating a total of 1,718,800,000 viewing hours. This achievement is equivalent to 252,100,000 completed views. On top of that accolade, Wednesday was also one of two shows that Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s CEO, stated would have top priority the moment the strike concluded. 

Now, many are wondering what will become of Nevermore Academy.

Wednesday is a spinoff from the highly popular The Addams Family, but in this case, we follow Wednesday Addams, a 16-year-old girl with a pale face, black braids, and a psychic ability. Wednesday is banned from her high school after defending her brother Pugsley from bullies. Morticia Addams and Gomez Addams decide to have her attend Nevermore, as the school caters to those of the supernatural.

Crafted by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the series features Jenna Ortega in the lead role, supported by a cast including Gwendoline Christie, Riki Lindhome, Jamie McShane, Hunter Doohan, Percy Hynes White, Emma Myers, Joy Sunday, Georgie Farmer, Naomi J. Ogawa, Christina Ricci, and Moosa Mostafa. It is directed by the illustrious Tim Burton.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams
Credit: Netflix

As we noted, Wednesday has been a smash hit, but it has also hit some speed bumps. Recent drama has revealed that one cast member, Thora Birch from Hocus Pocus, quit filming early. Originally, it was stated that the actress had to fly home for a family emergency, but Birch has since confirmed that there were also creative differences.

Percy Hynes White, love interest to Ortega’s Wednesday, was also written off the show. Xavier Thorpe was setting himself up to be the long-term lover of Wednesday, but was cut by Netflix following accusations of the actor over-serving girls. The claim is no way confirmed, however, Netflix decided to pull a Disney, and remove White as Disney booted Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean franchise without a guilty verdict.

With all of this negative news, and the fact that the show has not returned to production, although Netflix originally stated it would, has had some wondering what the fate will be for season two, which is meant to debut in 2024.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams with Thing
Credit: Netflix

Now, it is being reported that Netflix has lost the rights to Wednesday. 

Reportedly, from Ticker: 

“In a surprising turn of events, it has been reported that Netflix may have lost the rights to the highly anticipated series, “Wednesday.” The show, based on the iconic character from “The Addams Family,” was set to be a major addition to Netflix’s original content lineup. However, recent developments suggest that the streaming giant may no longer have the rights to distribute the show.

According to industry insiders, the rights to “Wednesday” may have been acquired a rival streaming platform. While the exact details remain undisclosed, this news has left fans of the show disappointed”

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday
Credit: Netflix

When asked why the show lost the rights, the publication simply stated, “The exact reasons behind Netflix potentially losing the rights to Wednesday are still unclear. It could be due to a variety of factors, such as contractual disputes or a more lucrative offer from a competitor.”

Ticker states, “Losing the rights to Wednesday could have significant implications for Netflix. It means the show will no longer be available on their platform, and fans may have to subscribe to another streaming service to watch it. Additionally, it remains uncertain whether Netflix will be able to produce any future seasons of the show.”

Netflix has not confirmed this news as of yet; however, it is another bad omen to add to the show’s second season once it comes to life. Right now, Jenna Ortega and Tim Burton are also focused on Beetlejuice 2, which is something Ortega has clearly stated is her priority, as she prefers films to television.

Do you think that Wednesday season 2 will ever come to fruition? 


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