Police Spotted Investigating “Webbed Up” Spider-Man Semi

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is expected to be one of if not the top-selling video games of 2023. Pre-orders for the game sold out instantly. The first game, Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018), sold over 33 million copies, which equated to almost $2 billion. Its predecessor was such a critically acclaimed franchise that many critics have speculated that it influenced one of No Way Home’s biggest twists. As the second installment has finally been released today, a shocking promotional stunt had supposed law enforcement investigating a semi-truck webbed up in a major city.

Spider-Man from the PS4 video game
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Insomniac Games has had Spidey fans webbed up around their finger with all the footage released about this highly-anticipated sequel. It will be the first Spider-Man game to be made for the PlayStation 5. This new gaming console has allowed game designers to upgrade and enhance the stellar graphics, responsive gameplay and immersive player experience. The features that psyched up the fanbase were:

  • The instantaneous switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales as playable characters.
Peter Parker and Miles Morales dressed as Spider-Man
Credit: Insomniac / Marvel
  • Being able to swing through an expanded New York City that has doubled in size compared to the first game.
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  • Unlocking new game character features such as, the spider wings and the four articulated iron spider arms.
Miles Morales gliding with Spider wings
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The second game will resume where Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 left off. Harry Osborn will be a prominent character in the sequel as the kind, but terminally-ill son of billionaire industrialist, Norman Osborn. During the first game, Harry was only mentioned in dialogue as the childhood best friend of Peter Parker. The game featured side quests where Peter was able to listen to recordings Harry left behind before leaving for his treatment.

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In addition to the game system upgrades and new character arcs, fans have also been impatiently awaiting the introduction of the infamous symbiote storyline. This is a fan-favorite part of Spider-Man mythology as this parasitic alien organism originally attached itself to Peter. It enhanced all of his abilities, including boosting his confidence in his personal life. However, the black gooey body snatcher eventually corrupted the wall-crawler’s mind to control, dominate and terrorize anyone who stood in his way.

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This will be a completely new playable feature in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as players will finally get to play as a reckless and brooding version of the Web-Head. The premiere of the symbiote will also give rise to the legendary Marvel villain, Venom.

marvels-spider-man-2-video-game-venom SAG
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Insomniac decided to immortalize the release of their newest project by constructing a live promotional stunt in Sydney, Australia. A semi-truck appeared to be hovering between multiple street light posts by giant white and black spider webbing. The “crime scene” was sectioned off as police-cladded actors examined the eye-catching sight and instructed onlookers to be careful in the city. This stunt was certainly extra, but the fandom greatly appreciates the commitment.


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Are you excited for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? What are you predictions for the game?

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