Guillermo Del Toro Reveals Which Franchise He Would Never Watch

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Most often, the spotlight of Hollywood blockbusters falls on its actors. A famed actor’s name can be a brand that can carry a built-in audience. It is rarer to have a director do the same. It usually takes several successes and an uncanny directorial style to earn a legendary status like Hitchcock, Spielberg, Tarantino, Burton, and Nolan. Guillermo Del Toro has become such a legend by creating unique worlds involving monsters, robots, and ghosts. Despite his love for these kinds of visual spectacles, there is one franchise he refuses to watch anymore.

Guillermo del Toro with Pinocchio
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The universe that Guillermo Del Toro created for Pacific Rim was the ultimate wish fulfillment for audiences who grew up watching heroes use giant robots to fight colossal monsters. His 2013 blockbuster was an unexpected hit that centered around soldiers who controlled mountainous robots called Jaegars to battle enormous interdimensional behemoths, Kaijus, to prevent humanity’s demise. The film would be a massive triumph for Warner Bros. as the original story amassed $411 million at the box office with nearly $60 million more in DVD sales.

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Warner Bros. was keen to team up with Del Toro immediately for a sequel. Yet, when the second installment, Pacific Rim: Uprising was announced, the Blade II director was no longer attached to direct the franchise. Del Toro finally divulged that, “We were getting ready to do it, it was different from the first, but it had a continuation of many of the things that I was trying to do. Then what happened is—I mean, this is why life’s crazy, right?—They had to give a deposit for the [sound] stages at 5 pm or we would lose the stages in Toronto for many months.”

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The Oscar-winning director continued, “So, I said [to Warner Bros.], don’t forget we’re gonna lose the stages and five o’clock came and went, and we lost the stages. [The executives] said, “Well, we can shoot it in China.” And I go, “What do you mean WE? I’ve gotta go do Shape of Water.”

When asked if he watched the sequel when it was released, Del Toro confessed, “I didn’t see the final movie because that’s like watching home videos from your ex-wife. It is dreadful if they are excellent and much worse if they are subpar. You’d rather not know. I thus missed it.”

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Guillermo Del Toro finished with, “The final script was considerably different from what I had read. Though significantly different, some of the components were the same. However, it was time to head back to a world where there were creatures that could wipe out large towns in a single day.”

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There was no regret in the decision to leave one of his passion projects as Shape of Water would award him with Academy Awards for ‘Best Musical Score,’ ‘Best Production Design,’ ‘Best Director,’ and the coveted ‘Best Picture.’ While Del Toro’s supernatural romantic drama went onto win critical acclaim and adulation worldwide, Pacific Rim: Uprising only managed to gross about $290 million globally with mediocre review to match.

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Many critics have speculated that since it failed to surpass or even break even with its predecessor, that a third sequel ultimately faced cancellation. It truly was a “jaegar bomb.” BA-DA-BUMP. Netflix would attempt to breathe new life into the franchise with the anime series, Pacific Rim: The Deep, but that series is now over.

What do you think of Del Toro’s refusal to watch the sequel? Should the franchise be rebooted or be left alone?

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