DC Makes Chris Evans the New Face of ‘The Flash’ Series

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The Flash is an iconic hero within the DC Universe that never reached the notoriety of fellow Justice Leaguers like Batman and Superman. Every adaptation of the Scarlet Speedster has not been able to stick its landing with a short-lived 90s show to The CW version, which came out with a full charge of potential but dwindled in quality and fanfare. Then, the latest iteration was a project riddled with scandal that overshadowed the brilliance of the character. Now, the next Flash series has decided to make Chris Evans the literal face of the franchise.

(L-R) Jordan Fisher as Bart Allen/Impulse, Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/Flash, Chris Evans
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DC’s Fastest Man Alive was originally created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lambert when it debuted in Flash Comics #1 in 1940. Jay Garrick, not Barry Allen, was a college student who inhaled noxious gasses that transformed him into the unrivaled speedster. Yet, after World War II, the popularity of superheroes diminished, ending this Golden Era.

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The Crimson Comet would experience a resurgence in 1956 with a new hero donning the suit, Barry Allen. This version of The Flash remained so beloved by fans that Allen was the primary hero for the next 30 years. Their identities would be so forever intertwined that nearly every cinematic adaptation of the Sultan of Speed has been known as Barry Allen.

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As the decades progressed, DC wanted to appeal to their younger readers, so they pivoted The Flash moniker to Barry’s sidekick, Wally West aka Kid Flash. This Flash was younger, funnier and needed to constantly eat to maintain his energy. His more lighthearted nature would become a permanent characterization of the hero. So much so that actors such as Grant Gustin, Ezra Miller and voice actor, Michael Rosenbaum portrayed Barry Allen with a Wally West personality.

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A character that has existed for 83 years in pop culture is bound to have its ups and downs in trendiness. So writer Si Spurrier and artist Mike Deodato Jr. have the intention to reignite a spark to attract more fans to the Scarlet Streak. What was unexpected for Flash fans was the complete remodel of Wally West.

Those who are not familiar with Deodato Jr.’s work is that he tends to face swap famous comic book characters with real legendary celebrities. He did this illustrating Spider-Man’s Peter Parker as Jason Priestly (90210) and villain Norman Osborn as veteran actor Tommy Lee Jones. The actors serve as inspiration for the characters, hence why Deodato Jr. purposefully draws them to resemble these recognizable figures.

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Deodato Jr. has continued this trend as he has turned speedster Wally West into a red-headed Chris Evans. This obvious face swap has intentionally unsettled fans as the comic series centers around Wally discovering that everything he knew about his world and the Speed Force is different. This tactic to change what old fans have known about the lore of The Flash provides as a fresh reintroduction to the loveable icon.

The new face model of Wally West is looking really familiar, from ‘The Flash’ (2023) #1 [Comic Excerpt]
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Chris Evans has yet to comment on his new superhero role, but it may not be a surprise as there has been a fan campaign to make him the older Flash in James Gunn’s new DC Universe (DCU). Fans feel Evans could play a grizzled retired Barry that trains Wally West to take up the coveted speedster mantle. While this is unlikely since Evans revealed that he is taking a break from acting, anything is possible now that the DCU has its own multiverse.

What do you think of Chris Evans being the new Flash? Does his face swap in the comic interest you enough to read this newest version?


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